CS Residence

Salt Lake City, Utah

The CS Residence is four-bedroom house with three car garage and a bike workshop in the garage. The clients’, avid bikers and software owners, had purchase a site from when they were married and sat on it for many years, thinking of what they could build. Pollard Architects were chosen for a prominent list of architects, because of our level of design and unique approach to their site and program. The residence resides at the base of Mt. Olympus, a prominent iconic mountain cliff in the Salt Lake City Valley, in Olympus Cove.  The site is on the end of a dead-end street on the down hill side facing north west towards the city. The views to Mt. Olympus and the views to the valley and the city beyond were enriched by the specific layout of the residence. The floor plan is basically a bi-nuclear layout with the public spaces to the south and the private spaces below and towards the north. We felt it was a true collaboration between client, architect and contractor. Camco Construction with Bret Vargason as project site supervisor was a key component to this working relationship. Once inside the house, the landscape in 360 degrees unfolds providing another true collaboration between site and intervention.