“thing presented to the mind”

In all our projects we have collaborated with artists, artisans and craftsmen to come forward with objects which engage the environments we created. In many instances, we have provided the design or collaborated with the artist, to come to a sensible solution. The dialogue has been exciting, fruitful and many times informative to us, as well as to our clients. The materials have been diverse, so have  the collaborators. We look to embellish and reinforce the moment in the spaces we produce, by the placement of these objects… things, articles, items, pieces, devices, gadgets, entities, thingamabobs, whatchamacallits… to see, sit, lie on, engage with and enjoy the color of the day.


 Various artists:

 Willie Littig

Clint and Janet Call

Spectrum Studio (Dan Cummings)

Plastik Banana (Bradeson Brinton)

Michael Begue

Sanae Adams

Meta Design

Michael Hullet

Thomas B. Kass

Gordon Hashimoto, AIA

Kenneth R. Pollard AIA

Over the course of the years we have used photographers to capture many of the moments and details of our projects in a certain light.



Gordon Perry

Douglas Kahn

Martin Van Hemert

Cole Marsala

Joshua Caldwell

Verl Adams

Sanae Adams

Kenneth R. Pollard AIA