Salt Lake City, Utah

A large Insurance group asked Pollard Architects to program/analyze and space plan their move to several various buildings in the Salt Lake City District. There had been a merger and acquisition in this process. The intention was to have two entities, co-exist on one floor plate. As they would grow, Pollard Architects would space plan this growth to another floor plate. The selection of the first floor plate and its proximity to lower or upper floor plate was critical to their move. They located in downtown Salt Lake City to a building which had an atrium tying two floors together.  The first level accommodated their move. They had to move in one weekend. Planning, scheduling and mobilization were essential.

We worked to keep the plan and approach simple, as well as direct. Floor plate efficiency was important. The existing floor plate was triangular.

Residing on one and half levels in the tallest building in Salt Lake City, the sky and distinct views became significant design criteria for our team to reinforce throughout the process.