G Residence

Salt Lake City, Utah

The project called for an addition and “re mapping“ of an existing 1960 residence on the upper bench of Salt Lake City. The design started with the landscape which grew out of the client’s art collection. The garden was organized around the idea of journey and repose. The end of the journey are two bronze elephants which are situated on a stainless-steel gabion filled with recycle glass and lite from below. The garden is only accessible from the house through the kitchen. There is an eastern stairway which leads down to an allée of London plane trees.

The house was organized to take full advantage of the distance views as well as the newly conceived views of the garden and art works.

It’s a two-bedroom residence with small courtyards on both the east side and west side of the residence. The modular of the house is echoed throughout the various materials selected.


Photographed by Jed Pearson, Cole Marsala and Ken Pollard.