Jeremy Ranch

Jeremy Ranch, Utah

A country club based on some historical barn structures we found on our hiking the site, paved the way to a concept on a hill.

The project was designed by Ken Lambert, Ken Pollard, and Jim Kier while working for Scott, Louie and Browning Architects. Pollard Architects continued this approach later in providing programming and Master Planning services for the club.

The grid was laid out to accommodate the site of a new Jack Nicholas Golf course. Only one third of the original design was built. The total project included locker rooms, golf cart storage, facilities shop, convention spaces, lounges, gift shop, golf shop, coffee shop, a restaurant, administration, ice skating ring and clubhouse. There was to be a Tennis Facility across from the Clubhouse to the North. A similar vernacular was used there as well.

Red sandstone was used as a base, to anchor the structure to the hill. The use of poles to provide stability to the trusses came from a visit Pollard took to a house by noted architect John Johansen in CT. The materials were wood, stone, glass and copper.