Opal Mercantile Building

Opal, Wyoming

Opal Mercantile Building was created to bring back the commercial and retail use of this building.

The existing structure dates back to the early 1900’s and was a mercantile building for the railroad stop at this junction. The owner would handle the security for the new mining town that was going to be created in this vicinity. Pollard Architects created a master plan that would provide temporary housing for his organization. This renovation would act as the first stage of this development. It would house a “saloon”, a grocery store, a hardware store and small hotel. The program was very similar to what had been in the structure when it was initially built. We provide a “new west” gate approach that could weather in time. The canopy and the lattice work were to built out of corten steel and provides weather protection from the winds of an open landscape. The use of corten, also recalls the trains that continue to come by on the single track that runs through the town.