Orem City Center Masterplan

Orem, Utah

Orem City Master Plan & Programming began as an analysis of the City of Orem’s administration functions and space allocation. The analysis came from the need for future expansion as well as an urgent requirement for the legal department to vacate their present offices and more closer to the City Manager and City Administration Services department. We then included the future needs of the Main Library and the children’s wing which Kenneth Pollard designed and completed in 1993. After several workshops with City Official and City Council, it was concluded that a new City Chambers and administration wing was needed. We develop several options that linked the existing buildings to an overall approach which reinforced the City’s sense of place. We used the strategy that the outdoor spaces defined their place and that the building were simple defining volumes that provided the landscape to the forefront. Understanding the scale, materials, color and light of the place we created an appropriate solution that clarified, with reason the inspiration that already was present.