Our Saviour's Lutheran Church

Salt Lake City, Utah

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Complex is a remodel and addition to an existing series of buildings on the south west end of Salt Lake City. A new worship area with community spaces and activity areas were remodeled and refurbished. A new courtyard was introduced to open the center and bring in natural light and vegetation. The worship space is a series of planes that face the street and provide a rhyme to the street movement and allowed early morning eastern light to come in and be directed to the altar. Views to the mountains are enhanced and carried through the project. We approach the remodeling as opening up the existing structures, to define the “place” and unfold the landscape. The congregation came to us because of the work we had completed with the Cistercian Monastery in Huntsville, Utah and Sonoita, Arizona. They understood our approach to landscape and the need to create more contemplation spaces.