Photographer's Studio

Salt Lake City, Utah

The photographer’s Studio is located on the northwest end of Salt Lake City. The building was designed to be “introverted and fortress like” volume. The walls are two stories high, with most of the light coming from the north facade. The Street facade is a series of receding walls with the address number being an element as well. The entry and front part of the studio serves as a rotating gallery, with the main studio in the rear. The upper level is the office administration and bridge with brackets for adjusting lights and handling large backdrops.
The building is set between two warehouse structures on the block. We reversed the materials of those warehouses and had the metal siding facing the concrete block of the north adjoining warehouse and concrete block facing the metal of the south adjoining warehouse. With this project, we moved to study simple volumes, inside and out. We look to work with compositional subtleties of volumes, reflecting the work of the photographer.