Third South Property

Salt Lake City, Utah

Third South Property is a restaurant / bar project which renovates a old existing brick commercial / retail structure from the early 1920’s in downtown Salt Lake City. The structure occupies a corner in the downtown restaurant district, and was programmed to have daily and nightly activities. The building was originally a series of commercial spaces. We would clean the structure, present the existing brick work as is, while retaining the same bay openings along the street. Lighting played a key role inside and out. We created an outdoor space to the south and provided the appropriate shading device and wood grille work to keep the views inward and not into a “sea of parking”. The interior reflected the existing structure and a middle mezzanine was created to gain more space, while presenting a ceiling that was cobalt blue with lighting that mimic the stars above this place. This “western sky lounge” was the center focus above the main bar on the main level.