Tritnity Church

Evanston, Wyoming

Trinity Lutheran Church congregation came to Pollard Architects with two constraints and great hope that we could help them solve their problem of having a worship space. The first constraint was financial. They were a large congregation with little funds and in a downturn market for many of the people in the parish were out of work or temporarily out of work, but were meeting at someone’s house for church on Sundays. Second, they were given a drive-up branch bank at a very low cost and would need remodeling to handle the large attendance in two services on Sunday as well as have a community gathering space for future growth of their parish, Their wish was to create a “sacred place” that defined their worship and not have a bank lobby turned church type feeling. Our approach took the axis of the entrance of the existing church and turned it diagonally to the north / south axis of the building. We did away with the lay-in tile ceiling of the church and exposed the existing pre-fabricated 2×4 trusses.